Richard Morrish Associates Ltd - Landscape Design, Environmental Planning and Arboricultural Consultancy

Richard Morrish Associates are a landscape design, environmental planning and arboricultural consultancy who can undertake a range of advisory and design services for public and private clients.

Richard Morrish Associates were established in 2000 – and are now therefore 20 years old! A registered practice of the Landscape Institute, we presently have three staff and a number of long-established associates who can provide wide ranging expertise for surveys, reports and design briefs.

Richard is a Chartered Landscape Architect and qualified arboriculturalist with over 30 years experience in landscape design and urban and rural planning projects, and has previously held senior positions in design consultancies in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia.

Richard Morrish Associates place great emphasis on providing products that are appropriate to the specific needs of every client. We will use our experience to help define your goals and objectives, needs and aspirations. We are committed to providing value-for-money products and outcomes that are distinctive and sustainable.

Landscape Design and Planning